The geek inside

I confess: I’m a geek. A music geek. Who wants to know as much as possible about music. All music, preferably. And I like to get together with friends and test our knowledge during a popquiz. Yesterday was one of those nights.

I’m on a team with three friends and once a month we play the popquiz at the Rozentheater in Amsterdam. If you’ve never been to one of those nights, it works like this: music nerds in groups of three or four trying to outdo each other and answering questions like ‘Name the artist, title of the song and the producer of the song you just heard an intro of’. 120 Times in 1 evening. Probably sounds like hell for most people, but not for us…

There’s a slight anti-social element to these nights. Everybody is so obsessed with the music that the teams don’t really mingle. For some it’s also a case of ‘don’t socialise with the enemy’.

In spite of that, I do really enjoy those nights. I’m really pissed off when we don’t do very well (round 1 yesterday, 30 intros to songs/artists that had to do with colour in one way or another) and I love it when we manage to reach the top 3 teams. It does help that I have two team mates with almost photographic memories and an incredible knowledge of music. And our team is quite balanced. One of us is an expert in fifties/sixties/female singers/Motown/old Dutch music, the second person knows just about everything about punk/eighties/wave/nineties guitarrock and the third team member knows a lot about the last 15 years. And me? I float somewhere in between. I know a bit about everything I guess. I don’t really have a speciality.

So, back to yesterday. Four rounds, 30 intros per round, each round had a theme. As I said before, the first round we didn’t do too well, but luckily it turned out that the rest of the teams didn’t score a lot of points either. The following three rounds we scored very consistently and did quite well.

In the end, we finished as the fifth team. Not our best performance, but out of 20-25 teams we didn’t do too bad. Not that we were satisfied, afterwards we always go through the intros we didn’t guess, as music nerds should!

On to the next music geek night on October the 17th!


2 responses

  1. hey marloes, love your blog!
    popquiz sounds like something i’d love to attend invisible one day. lots of exciting info without too much shame 🙂

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