Slayer, chicken nuggets and rare vinyl

During my study in journalism, I ended up at Dutch music magazine LiveXS for an internship. I really enjoyed it and luckily I could stay on after my internship had ended. It took me a little while longer to complete my thesis because of that, but who’s complaining…

One of the interviews I did during my period with LiveXS was with Slayer. Their album ‘God Hates Us All’ was about to be released (so it must have been in 2001) and they had a press day at the Americain Hotel in Amsterdam. I was due to interview them somewhere in the afternoon.

Promo copy of Slayer's 'God Hates Us All' that I dug up from my collection.

The reason I can remember it was somewhere in the afternoon, was because when I arrived, the biggest box of McDonalds chicken nuggets I’ve ever seen was sitting on the table in between them. As I tend to do regularly when I’m a bit nervous or when I want to break the ice a bit, I made a really stupid joke (well, I don’t intend the jokes to be stupid, but they usually come out that way…). It went something along the lines of ‘Ha, I see you’re enjoying the typical Dutch cuisine while visiting Amsterdam!’ They actually thought that was pretty funny and so immediately the atmosphere was relaxed and cool and the interview could start, while we were all muching away on chicken nuggets.

Now my sisters husband (then her boyfriend) is a big Slayer fan, so he asked me if I could get them to sign a record. I usually didn’t do that when interviewing somebody (still regret not getting Joe Strummer of the Clash to sign anything!), but I decided to see how the interview would go and if we got along well, why not?

We did get on very well and at the end I got the record out, explained to them about my brother and asked them to sign it. The record was a picture disc and an official release. Can’t remember which album/song it was, I’d have to ask my sister/brother in law about that… But when they saw the record, the guys from Slayer first went quiet. A bit of a weird response, right? They asked me where I got that record. ‘Some record fair, I think’, was my reply. After that, to my surprise, they took a picture of the record. When they saw my puzzled look, they explained to my why. Turned out that the guys from Slayer had never seen that particular record before and they didn’t even know it existed. They took a photo of it to make sure that the record company could send them some copies, because they thought it was awesome. It is a bit of a weird experience to show a band an official release that they’ve never seen before though!

I’ll try and annoy my brother in law to get a photo of the record, so I can post it here!