Hillbillies, Alcohol & Roadtrips

I’ve always had a weak spot for a band called Southern Culture on the Skids. One of the things I still want to do in my lifetime is travel across the southern states in the US and I can totally imagine the music of Southern Culture on the Skids being the soundtrack to my trip.

Their hillbilly surf country would fit perfectly with a roadtrip from North Carolina all the way across the States to Arizona. I might just continue on to California, even though I’ve just recently visited that state. I haven’t seen all of it yet and I’ve got a couple of friends living there, so why not?

I can already see myself cruising through Louisiana with ‘Daddy Was a Preacher, but Momma Was a GoGo Girl’ blasting on the stereo. Or driving across Texas playing ‘My House Has Wheels’. Hell, might even throw in some ‘White Trash’ or ‘Too Much Pork for just One Fork’.

If you ever get the chance to see this band live, do it! You won’t regret it as they are great musicians and their shows are mostly a lot of fun. And if you like songs about alcohol, hillbillies, cars and fried chicken you can’t go wrong at all. Oh yeah, and check out their website, it’s awesome!